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Yellow Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Austin

Although there are two options to get started with Lean Six Sigma, at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Austin High School Students of Texas, we highly recommend going for the yellow belt training and certification if you are just starting with the methodology.

When doing so, you will have us offering full training in this belt along with the certificate once an exam is taken and passed by our students. If you are someone who has been trained in this level before, you can opt for the exam instead of the full training.

Now, are you someone who needs a yellow belt or LSS at all? You may want to apply for our training if you qualify as any of the following:

  • High school student who is trying to add value to their curriculums and learn more in practice, so companies find them as valuable assets and more prepared for any project.
  • A college student who wants to practice and be a great asset for future companies and businesses or their projects.
  • A business professional who wants to be a new and great asset for companies by knowing how to implement LSS and earn a better salary thanks to it.
  • High schools, colleges, universities, and companies that want to offer LSS to their students and workers as part of team training.

What Can You Do as A Yellow Belt?

When you are a Yellow Belt, you can be part of a core group or as an SME on a project. You will have a small role that will still be of great value in the long run since you will need to help manage and organize data. Although it seems random, you have a great role since the next level to you, the green belt, will need your knowledge and data collected for the structure and implementation.

Since our training aims to allow Yellow Belts to identify areas that need improvement, you impact the process greatly. These small Yellow Belt projects can often be managed mainly by green or black belts.

Lean Six Sigma is often used in businesses and companies, so its utility among students is questionable. However, we have learned over the years that learning the methodology will help them improve their decision-making, leadership, organization, teamwork, planning, and other skills. In other words, you get the chance to better yourself and be of more value regardless of what you do.

How Can You Get Yellow Belt Certified?

There are two ways to earn your Yellow Belt Certification with us:

  1. If you feel you have a solid knowledge of the topics covered in the Yellow Belt Training, the “Body of Knowledge” exam can be taken, as we briefly mentioned earlier. However, you can also talk to us and set a new deal based on your needs.
  2. You can get our training in yellow belt and then apply for certification. Keep in mind we also have an option for exams throughout the training or a final one once it is over.

Regardless of the option, we make sure to set the same fees and work around your needs and availability.

Should You Get Yellow Belt Training?

Anyone who wants to learn more about leadership, problem-solving, continuous improvement, and all principles around LSS will benefit from this method. We are sure most people would think about it and consider it.

To make it clear, the yellow belt training and certification are ideal for those who are just starting out in Six Sigma as well but have an interest or need to increase their fundamental knowledge so they can take part in projects or implement the methodology for real-life situations.

Contact Us-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Austin

Our team offers Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification and Training online, on-campus, at work, and when visiting us.

If you want more opportunities at work or more advantages in your career, you will also benefit from it.

Yellow Belts are eligible to participate as Project Team members. To ensure project efficiency, they will be assisting Green and Black Belts. You will be a valuable asset to any company before and after graduation.

Thus, the answer is short: you just need to get it if you feel the principles and the methodology will fit your needs and goals. We always recommend working around this first level as it helps you move forward as a student or professional when wanting to scale in other belts, like the green belt training and certification.

You can call or email us as needed, and rest assured our team will answer all your questions and needs.