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Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Austin

Our Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Austin High School Students of Texas team is always available to assist with Green Belt Training and Certification in the city and throughout the entire state to ensure that students, workers, and professionals are ready to tackle the next stage of their lives since learning a new skill or two has never hurt anyone.

Now, is LSS the methodology you want or need?

It is only natural to focus on what it is about to answer the question. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that helps students, professionals, and businesses improve their performance and productivity. It also provides new skills that help them reduce waste and bring value to their everyday lives while implementing the structure around their workplace.

When being introduced to Six Sigma, you will probably be talked about a Yellow Belt as it is the beginning level of learning vocabulary, concepts, and the basics. Many people skip this level whatsoever and jump to the next one: a Green Belt. It dives deeper into the same information and offers more knowledge to take part in large-scale projects when it comes to working.

However, a yellow belt is actually mandatory for those seeking green belt training and certification as it ensures that professionals and company workers can manage LSS teams to achieve exceptional business results. In the case of students, it is a matter of being more prepared in the practical area.

However, many responsibilities come with becoming certified. We recommend that you start your training with a yellow belt beyond the fact of being compulsory for this green option.

But When Is Green Belt Training a Good Option?

Green Belt Training is for you if you’re already at the stage of pursuing the next belt or if you want to begin here and know you will work around the methodology more often regardless of being a student or professional already. It will help you in manufacturing and areas such as healthcare and education, as LSS can be implemented in any industry nowadays.

Our training will also help you improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills, productivity, leadership, as well as other personal skills. This means you don’t have to look at this in a way that it is only for work or for more terminology.

The training will be handled by Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Austin, which gives you a great advantage and allows you to have a certificate that will bring more recognition worldwide. Our professionals are either green belts or higher, so they can share their knowledge effectively and help you achieve your goals.

If you are still in doubt, we can recommend this guide and see if you fit the “profile” for someone who needs a green belt:

  1. You are a worker that wants to be of more value to the company or business you work for.
  2. As a high school or college student, you want to be ready in practice when applying for jobs.
  3. You want to get a higher salary.
  4. You want to improve your personal skills and boost your growth regardless of the area you are dedicated to or specialized in.

Green Belt Training & Certification: What Will You Learn

LSS has a common structure for all levels and belts. However, it largely depends on the training organization that provides the classes. We focus on the basics, how to use Six Sigma principles, and the latter’s structure.

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We want to make sure foundations are laid with this green belt, whether you’re just starting out or have been training for a while.

We can help you to refresh or teach the concepts starting from zero. We review the DMAIC structure with examples from real companies and cases and go over more than just what it is compared to the yellow belt. We also teach you how to implement the structure regardless of who you are (student or worker).

After you have completed the training, you must pass the exam to be certified. Many Texas companies will prepare you to take the ASQ CSSGB test. We can also help you prepare for the ASQ CSSGB exam and offer additional benefits depending on your program or agreements.

Depending on which certifications or exams are required for your company or the organization for which you work, you might need to take additional exams.

Green Belt Certification: How Long Does It Take to Get One?

It usually depends on the company and training you take. Time can often vary depending on the training outline; in our case, we set it for about 25 hours. Within those, you can learn everything in this time, and you will be on the same level as other green belts, so there is no need to worry about it.

You will be eligible to take the post-test after completing your green belt training, and you can become certified with us. You can typically take the test or exam within a few days of your Six Sigma training. We will arrange a time so that you can take the exam at our facility or another established location.

Most students can complete the course in 15 days. However, you can set a lower goal. You can adjust your hours with our instructors and professionals to fit your commitment and schedule. In many cases, working less than ten consecutive days is possible.

Students in college and high schools who are on tight schedules due to extracurricular activities need our help. The same applies to corporate clients. A business professional can create a plan to integrate the Sigma methodology into your business process.

Just contact our team, and we will set a schedule, classes, and program that goes according to your needs.