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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Austin

In later years, Lean Six Sigma was introduced in high schools as a way to give students more tools to improve performance, be of value to companies, and ensure they have a set of skills that helps with higher education or during new job applications. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Austin High School Students of Texas, we offer training and certification to all students interested in the method.

Instead of working with one or two students, we are also able to set up a group program so school boards, school superintendents, and all institutions around the state can access an option, so their students are educated in LSS.

We understand that people doubt and question how Six Sigma can be useful. However, it has been proven to be one of the top methods to ensure students can compete with others throughout the country for job positions or colleges.

In addition, you may want to learn that LSS helps students be more organized and disciplined. It also allows them to develop valuable skills that will enable them to choose from many careers in universities and at work.

Students can also use this knowledge to help them get their credits for graduation since the certification and level of training will offer opportunities and credits for both applications in universities and even jobs. 

The principle behind its usefulness among high school students focuses on the fact that learning 6 Sigma will only be beneficial to the person being trained. Without someone well-knowledged and training, there’s no way to implement it in the first place.

Thus, think about it in this way: students learn how to work around the LSS structure and principles and are able to add more skills to their lists: problem-solving, leadership, decision-making, organization, and teamwork. It is a matter of how the students will take advantage of the information.

How to Include Lean Six Sigma in High Schools or Institutions

Our company offers Lean Six Sigma training to schools and individuals, which means it only takes a call to set a program for your students and ensure they can add this valuable methodology to their curriculums.

For them, we prepare the yellow and green belt training and certifications. We want to make sure they have the tools needed, or the methodology could act more as a stepping stone on the chosen path, whether it is work or college.

We believe that high schools and colleges should emphasize its inculcation. LSS is an improvement-driven approach that focuses students on improving themselves and learning new skills to aid them in their daily activities and projects. Thus, they will always add more value to themselves.

This will address the fact that students may not have the experience they need to apply the lessons into training based on the theory they learned during classes because it can be hard to practice during this period since no companies or programs are established most of the time. Lean Six Sigma helps with this issue and ensures they are more capable in the action aspect.

Benefits for High School Students

When it comes to benefits, we already know the main ones by mentioning growth, advancement in careers and work, and the usual growth. However, we do not know how to work around the specific benefits for students. Thus, we want to make a list for you, a student, or maybe an institution to learn why it is a good option:

Lean Six Sigma Colleges-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Austin
  • Regardless of the industry, students will be more valuable to companies and businesses.
  • Earn credits toward graduation and college applications.
  • Higher salaries are possible for all jobs, as companies highly value LSS knowledge, and they’re always looking for those trained in it instead of providing training themselves.
  • You’ll learn skills you can apply to your daily work tasks and personal projects.
  • Collaborative work and regular leadership will be a huge addition.

Our Yellow Belt & Green Belt Training Options

The belt of certification students chooses, and the way they want to use it will determine what they learn. We can help students decide which option is right for them and ensure they have opportunities with the certification they obtain at the end of the training.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Austin will offer different options and ensure training is within your schedule and program. Just let us know what you want to offer students or get for yourself.

A yellow belt covers essential topics, while a green belt covers more complex topics and tools that can be learned once you complete your yellow training..

In addition, students will learn leadership skills, as well as personal skills. They will be better prepared for the future and can have better social interactions and relationships.

The outline for students covers all subjects and hours. Once the training is completed, students will be awarded their certification after passing our exam. This certification can be used to obtain future credits or help students apply for certain jobs. 

Contact our team to learn more about Lean Six Sigma options available for high school students or general students who wish to take individual courses.